October 19, 2020

Journalist Paul Moreira witnesses knife attack outside Charlie Hebdo’s former building

Issued on: 25/09/2020 – 19:40

Journalist and documentary filmmaker Paul Moreira witnessed the knife attack as it happened outside his office at lunchtime on Friday. Two of his colleagues were struck by the attackers. He spoke to FRANCE 24.


“The two wounded are from our team, two producers. So far the information that we have is that their lives are out of danger, which is the most important for us,” says Moreira. 

“They have been very seriously wounded with a knife, like an axe, a butcher’s axe.”

Moreira says that it is possible that there is a link between this attack and the former offices of Charlie Hebdo. “We don’t know who was really being targeted, but we suppose [there is a connection] because there is the [Charlie Hebdo] trial going on right now and news channels have been repeatedly showing pictures of the former building of Charlie Hedbo.”

“Somehow this building became like a symbol of freedom of expression.”

Moreira believes the attacker may have been attacking this symbol even though he probably knew that Charlie Hebdo had moved.

This is not the first time Moreira has personally witnessed an attack like this, he was also witness to the original Charlie Hebdo attacks five years ago.

“This is a cruel reminder that nothing is settled and we have to be careful. This building deserves protection by the police.”