October 30, 2020

Liam Payne listens to One Direction ‘when drunk’

Liam with the other members of One Direction in 2010 Image copyright Getty Images

Former One Direction member Liam Payne has revealed he still listens to the band’s music – normally when he’s “really drunk”.

Liam joined Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1 where, as well as hosting a DJ set, he reminisced about life in 1D, as the group marks its 10th anniversary.

Highlights include drunk dancing, naked swimming and catching something unpleasant from a koala.

Here are some of the most memorable quotes.

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What advice would Liam give his younger self?

“I think just relax a little bit.

“I think in those days. I was really quite uptight about a lot of everything that was going on… just chill out with it, just have some fun because it was hard to have fun sometimes in that circumstance when there was so much pressure loaded onto it.

“But knowing now that it’s all going to be all right- to still be having a music career at this point in my life it’s amazing.”

How was it being the ‘serious’ one?

“I’d get up in the morning and I get a call from the manager being like ‘someone’s naked dive bombing the pool and the other residents in the hotel are complaining’ or ‘someone’s gone down the stairs on a mattress or thrown a plate out the window in the car park’

“That was always my job to be like Mr Debbie Downer.

“Somebody had to do it. I just wish it wasn’t me.”

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Image caption Five points if you can name the other two people in this picture

There’s a song for every mood

“I listen to it every so often, usually when I’m really drunk is when the One Direction playlist starts to come out.

“It can go one or two ways as we know being drunk, we can be one of those really happy drunks that wants to listen to, you know, Act My Age.

“But then also I get a little bit thoughtful when I’m drunk sometimes then we go into, like, Once In A Lifetime and all the slow jams.”

You and me got a whole lot of history… we just can’t remember it

“I actually worry that I’ve got some sort of boy band memory loss, where I just can’t remember a thing.

“My favourite one is when people who I’ve had a picture with once, always get offended when I can’t remember.”

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How has lockdown Liam been coping?

“So obviously in lockdown you can’t do any shows in front of audiences, but we did this online thing.

And we kind of had like a crowd, you know like how the football have been putting the crowd in the background and it actually made me feel really good! It was the loudest show I’ve ever played if I’m honest.”

And finally… what was that about a koala?

“It was apparently chlamydia because you can catch it from koala bears.

“There was a story about me and Niall catching it from Koala Bears.

“I mean, I’ve had some random headlines in my time, but that’s one of the most random.”

You can hear Liam’s full DJ takeover on Scott Mills’ Radio 1 show on BBC Sounds.

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