September 23, 2020

China is pursuing ‘demographic genocide’ against Uighurs, leading scholar says

Issued on: 23/07/2020 – 21:31

In an interview with FRANCE 24, Adrian Zenz, a German scholar behind a chilling series of revelations about China’s policies against the Uighur minority, said Beijing was pursuing “demographic genocide” through the use of mass forced sterilisation campaigns.


Zenz said he had unearthed documents from the Chinese authorities indicating a massive drop in population growth in the western Xinjiang region and precise orders given to the authorities to attain that goal. He claimed the goal was “ethnic dilution” by bringing more ethnic Han into the area while bringing down the birth rate of Uighurs through forced sterilisation.

Zenz noted that birth suppression being one of the five criteria used by the UN to define genocide, his findings illustrate that “demographic genocide” is underway in Xinjiang.

The US-based scholar brushed aside claims in the official Chinese media that he was an extremist Catholic firebrand and a US intelligence asset, stressing that he had become “a very big problem for Beijing” precisely because he had drawn his reports from official Chinese data. He said he was not concerned by reports that China may sue him and added that he had not received any direct threats, saying however that he was about to meet the local FBI in that regard.

Zenz said he had noted the beginning of a shift in terms of Western reaction to the situation in Xinjiang, for instance with France’s foreign minister earlier this week condemning the treatment of Uighurs. But he lamented that Western leaders had failed to personally denounce the abuses, saying they were “prioritising our own self-interest over the dire human rights situation of another people”.

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