October 27, 2020

Coronavirus: Care home reunions, Tesco cleaners and tiny houses

Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak this Wednesday evening. We’ll have another update for you on Thursday morning.

1. Long-awaited reunions

Care home residents in England can begin to be reunited with loved ones, as part of new government guidance. But residents will be limited to seeing the same one visitor, where possible – and some have called for clarity over whether or not the guidance means they can see their family members indoors. Check out our explainer on whether you can see your relative – or give them a hug.

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2. Scotland’s lockdown may not be eased

Scotland’s first minister has warned she may keep current lockdown restrictions in place for longer than anticipated. As beauticians and tattoo parlours reopened, Nicola Sturgeon said her government’s main focus is not on reopening businesses, but on pupils returning to schools in August and enabling people to stop shielding. Read a fuller explanation of all Scotland’s rules.

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Media captionNicola Sturgeon says the schools return and changes to shielding are her priorities

3. Tesco asks staff to clean loos

Retail staff will be asked to take on cleaning duties at smaller Tesco stores, as the pandemic transforms the way UK grocers do business. Shop workers will be given extra training and will be expected to wipe shelves and fridges, mop floors and clean staff toilet facilities, after Tesco ended contract cleaning services for some stores.

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4. The great contact-tracing apps mystery

Germany and Ireland have both trumpeted their success in rolling out contact-tracing apps. But is there any evidence that they are doing what they are designed to do – warning people they could be infected with the virus? Our technology reporters take a look.

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5. The house where social distancing is impossible

The fisherman who used to live in this tiny 16th Century cottage in Conwy – which measures 3m by 1.8m – was forced to leave because he was too tall to stand up inside the rooms. And now visitors can’t go inside either, because it is impossible for people to socially distance.

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