November 24, 2020

Trump in a Mask, at Last!

To the Editor:

Re “At a Hospital, Trump Finally Dons a Mask” (news article, July 12):

We have so infantile a president that it becomes world news when he, at last, in mid-July wears a mask to protect himself and others from coronavirus. It’s like news within a family when a toddler is “finally potty trained!” There’s a shared “whew!” of great relief felt by parents and caregivers.

In this time of huge numbers of illnesses and deaths — more dead now from coronavirus than we lost in Vietnam, and we’re not nearly at the end of it — this president willfully misbehaves.

So we should rejoice that President Trump is finally wearing a prophylactic mask? Really, God help us.

Lynn Rudmin Chong
Sanbornton, N.H.