“I didn’t realize the filming would impact us as much as it was,” he shared of the series. “I think outside influences got involved—but I’m still processing.”

In addition to cameras and the duo’s own inner circle, he expressed that the level of fame was a lot for the couple. 

“It’s not the situation it was from pre-release to post-release,” Ryan—who married Gypsy in July 2022—noted. “Before Gypsy got out of prison, I was worried about her emotional ability with the filming and press. Did I expect it to get nine million followers overnight? No, I didn’t expect that.” 

And while Gypsy has found love again with her former flame, Ryan is taking more time to heal. 

“I’m in process/reflection mode,” he added. “It’s only been two months since she’s gone. She might’ve moved on quickly from what it seems, but I’m still processing. I married her wanting the forever.”

Ryan and Gypsy may have not gotten their happily ever after, but their relationship still had a lot of sweet moments. Keep reading to see the duo’s full love story and catch Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up Mondays at 9/8c on Lifetime for an inside look at her new chapter.