“As I got heavier, my happy childhood ended the day I started school,” he said. “Because I quickly discovered I wasn’t normal…No matter what the teachers tried, I never learned to read, so as the years went by, not being able to read created anxiety and food made me feel better. And by the time I was 10, I was 200 pounds.”
“It hurt me very bad,” he said. “My faith is what saved me.”

Shortly after his passing, Larry’s god-sister Sonya Hines-Hall set up a GoFundMe on the family’s behalf to help with funeral arrangements.

“From a small storefront church in his home town to the big stage of the Apollo theater, Larry always made himself available to sing at special events anytime anyone asked, most of the time free of charge,” her message on the fundraising page read. “His struggle with weight gain/loss never dimmed his drive to show love and kindness to all he met.”