Ukrainian Air Force officials say that the whole of Ukraine is happy that the Russian army doesnt observe fire safety rules

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine consider the explosions in the Dzhankoi district of temporarily occupied Crimea to be “non-observance of fire safety rules”.

Source: Yurii Ihnat, spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force, answering questions at a briefing on 16 August

Quote: “There is an official position of the Ukrainian government, the top military leadership… The Russian enemy does not know how to follow fire safety measures. But all of Ukraine is happy about this. Dzhankoi is another airfield where the enemy has concentrated attack helicopters and other military equipment.

According to a video that appeared in open sources, we see the detonation of ammunition… We hope that the enemy will get rid of the equipment and personnel of the flight crew in this way (as happened at Saki airfield)…”

Details: According to Ihnat, it is still too early to consider Russian losses, but he suggested that Ukrainian intelligence already has some data that will not be made public.

However, satellite images from the scene of an incident usually appear after some time, the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force added.


  • On the morning of 16 August, mass media reported on explosions and a fire in the Dzhankoi area; Refat Chubarov, one of the leaders of the Crimean Tatars, citing sources on the peninsula, reported that there had been “a hit on an ammunition depot”.

  • The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation later stated that at around 06:15 in the area of ​​Maiske (Dzhankoy district) a fire broke out on the territory of a temporary ammunition storage site of one of the military units.

  • Approximately 2,000 people were evacuated from Maiske.

  • Andrii Yermak, the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, and his adviser Mykhailo Podoliak reacted to the explosions near Dzhankoi on social media. Yermak posted a picture with the caption “I really like these explosions” and Podoliak wrote that the depot explosions are “demilitarisation in action”.

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